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Raw Skills Soccer School

Raw Skills Soccer School was started in 2002 by ex professional footballer Russ Watkinson.

Russ wanted to create a Soccer School where every child, regardless of ability, is encouraged to be the best that they can be through fun and creative training drills that develop children technically. Russ believes strongly that ball mastery is the key to producing complete players at all levels and that creating a fun, pressure free environment enables players to try new things without fear of being shouted out.

With the ethos of the soccer school, it grew rapidly and now has over a 150 children attending the school.

Raw Skills Football club was formed in 2002 by David Richardson , Russ Watkinson and other parents that were keen to put the skills that they have learnt into practice and as a result of the Soccer Schools success.

Raw Skills FC now has 219 players playing in 20 teams and will have an additional 4 Teams added for the 2019/2020 season.

Soccer School

A professional and successful soccer school established in 2002 by Russ Watkinson.


Our Saturday morning sessions are the only way to start your weekends with high quality and professional football training not only teaching football but the correct ethos to go with it!

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